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It's all subjective, true, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. I assume public nudity is illegal in Virginia, so there has to be a point where someone stops being "nude" and starts being "clothed."
I saw one gentleman on TV decrying the legislation as that good ole' catchall argument anytime a line is drawn on anything: "Who are they to tell people how to dress?" But does he realize that we are told how to dress, as in we must wear clothing covering all private parts, at a bare (nice pun, I guess) minimum? Does this have to be a response to any and all situations?

As for the comparision to the fat guy with his gut sticking out the bottom of the shirt or butt cracking, that is normally unintentional and most guys correct it as soon as they can. Sure, there are some slobs who don't, which is beyond me, but slovenish and intentionally running around with your underwear half exposed are two different matters. They are not exposing certain areas intentionally as a fashion statement. That is a big difference from "mopin'", at least that's what I understand the term to be.