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"I know how typical grades work. But baseball isn't a typical situation."


But instead of stretching credulity, why not try to approach something that resembles a consensus of criteria.

What if I decided that the only criterion that matters is "dollars spent?"

I'd be free to do that--give the Reds an "A" and a big ole "gO Rdz!!!" But I'd be stupid for arriving at that conclusion.

I'm just not sure I understand the logic that D connotes improvement, that's all. It's always meant regression to me (and virtually the universe). Now if your argument is that by not signing Dunn, the Reds have countervailed all other moves this offseason, and so deserve a "D" then fine. But that takes some pretty tortuous logic, seeing that Dunn'll still be suiting up in red and black this season.
In my college program, 'D' was essentially a failing grade. No one who scored a D on an exam thought they were improving in the least. Indeed, you're barely learning the material, if at all.

I really don't see how you can grade the offseason at less than a C. They filled every position, brought in some proven talent, re-signed their best starter from last season...that is not a 'D' offseason.