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I agree that Ortiz is somewhat of a wildcard at this point. Was his last season's debacle as a starter the start of a trend, or will he be happy/more relaxed/confident if he knows he has a starting job nailed all season as a Red?
Well, considering Ortiz' 5.20 ERA from 2003, and it appears that 2004 was the continuation of a trend, not the start of one.

Cory Lidle improved dramatically in Philly. He was not really an option for us to sign this winter, as apparently Philly wanted him bad (Why would he want to come back to Cincy to be trade bait again?) I don't remember anyone criticizing the Lidle deal at the time. Anyhow, while I know you are trying to compare 2005 and 2004, it seems fair to give Lidle's performance as a Red.
Those two shutouts he pitched in Philly didn't contribute to the Reds' 2004 W-L, and we really didn't have the option of bringing Lidle back.
In essense, Milton doesn't replace Lidle of 4.9 ERA. He replaces Lidle of 5.23 ERA or he replaces Claussen (if you're looking at the 2005 pool).
I think it's a bit wacky to include Milton's ERA from all his starts for Philly, but then just leave off Lidle's starts for Philly. The full season numbers are what Lidle and Milton did against MLB hitters.

And don't think for a second that I want Lidle back considering that I didn't really want him in a Reds uniform to begin with.