I was in San Jose this past week to work the ATP Tennis Tournament and on Thursday I made my way over to 2nd and San Carlos to get a Cincinnati Style Chili fix. Unfortunately, the Flying Pig Pub is no more.

The FPP was the closest thing I've ever found on the Left Coast to authentic Cincinnati Style Chili.

The owner (Straton) was from Cincinnati and said the recipe came from there. He was also a huge Reds fan. If you came into the bar when a Reds game was on and you were wearing anything related to the Reds your drinks were half price. He posted a few times here on Redszone but the last time I talked to him he talked about possibly moving back to Cincinnati where his daughter was going to UC.

Staton, ol' buddy, don't know if you'll ever see this but, dang, I'm sorry you're not there anymore. Good luck to ya'.