Mrs. Heeler's water broke yesterday morning about 6 weeks earlier than her due date, and 2 weeks ahead of what is considered full term. Her Ob/Gyn admitted her to the hospital and was hoping to delay the birth until closer to term.

By this morning, Mrs. Heeler's white cell count was elevated and she had a fever, so the doctor decided to induce. Heeler, Jr. was born at 7:00 this evening. He weighed 5 lbs 15 oz, and was 19 inches long.

Luckily, he is being allowed to stay in the room with Mrs. Heeler rather than the ICU nursery. If things progress as they are, he will be allowed to go home in a few days. The doctors had been preparing us for him to stay for a couple of weeks.

This is our first child, and all I can say about the experience is WOW!!! I'm pretty overwhelmed by everything at this point.