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Thread: Wabbit Season? No, it's Cat Season!

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    Re: Wabbit Season? No, it's Cat Season!

    Quote Originally Posted by RFS62
    Does it own a gun?
    No, but it is obsessed with our goldfish. Much like it's namesake.
    Will trade this space for a #1 starter.

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    Re: Wabbit Season? No, it's Cat Season!

    Quote Originally Posted by creek14
    No, but it is obsessed with our goldfish. Much like it's namesake.
    Get a fish screensaver and see what the cat will do... KC (my kitten) gets on the top of the monitor and tries to swat them.
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    Re: Wabbit Season? No, it's Cat Season!

    Quote Originally Posted by ochre
    I think you are confusing your own ad hominem attacks with the rational refutal of your points that is occuring. I have seen several people contest the point you are trying to make only to have you follow that up with veiled attacks at the person making the assertion. Its a common fallacy that you seem to try to spin and put on others with your martyr-type comments.
    Veiled attacks? No, I don't need to attack anyone here. I argue with others about a subject. There is a big difference... kind of like I didn't say that someone was guilty as I was accused of earlier. Then I get accused of saying things I didin't say (accused him of being guilty) and others insinuate that I feel that certain members are gang members. Why? Because I find it strange that a man has a loaded 9mm on his kitchen counter and perhaps that in itself should be further examined.

    Martyr? Common fallacy? Those, my mod friend, are more veiled attacks than anything that I have said here.
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    Re: Wabbit Season? No, it's Cat Season!

    ad hominem attacks are a common fallacy. That is my statement. If you disagree thats cool. I see them as a common fallacy. You use ad hominem in a subtle way. woy tries to determine if you think that your view of "normal" ought to be justification for searching a person's house. You respond with
    Just thinking rationally and trying to use logic...
    which is a veiled ad hominem attack implying that woy was not thinking rational and/or was not using logic.

    You and ochre can reserach[sic] it (you two seem to be experts in this area).
    another example of an ad hominem fallacy.

    Don't mean to offend those who support their local gangs or their right to discharge weapons.
    a little more ad hominem.

    b/c of my beliefs that I have expressed in the past. Not that those beliefs are wrong or illegal. But b/c others do not agree with them and they seem to look to pick at me b/c I am not afraid to express my beliefs. Oh well. Sticks and picks do not hurt me! They can ban me, but they can't hurt me. Just don't shoot me (pun intended!).
    here's were the martyrdom creeps in. Notice, if you re-read the thread, you weren't attacked. Your premise was. That is what makes debates healthy fun discussions. Talking about the issue, not denigrating others for not being "normal".

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    Re: Wabbit Season? No, it's Cat Season!

    Perhaps a definition of ad hominem might help: from the Latin, literallly "to the person"
    1 : appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect
    2 : marked by an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made

    I wouldn't say all of RFA's replies were ad hominem, he did attempt to refute the contention with another opinion that gangs preferred 9mm caliber weapons, although he may be referring to the 9mm UZI, rather than a little handgun like a Luger, Walther P38, or a Beretta. Perhaps he should expand on that in another thread... Now back to our regularly scheduled program!

    In many areas of the country (mostly rural) it is perfectly legal to kill domesticated animals wandering on your property. Only indiginous species are afforded protection under the law. In my suburban Virginia neighborhood it is a Class 1 misdemeanor to discharge a firearm, punishable by confinement in jail (county) for not more than 12 months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both. That said, I could probably kill the neighbor's cat with a .22 without anyone even knowing I'd fired it, so the risk is pretty minimal unless I'm going to use a .38 or something with WAAY too much stopping power for a domestic cat. The super soaker has always worked fine for me though.

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    Re: Wabbit Season? No, it's Cat Season!

    Quote Originally Posted by RedFanAlways1966
    Has this dummy in Wisconsin ever heard of the law of nature?
    His point though, is that they are a non-indiginous species.. Like the zebra mollusks (or whatever they are) in the great lakes. Like Kudzu, they are pretty much a weed that is spreading uncontrolled and killing the native species.

    I actually agree with the guy to a point. I don't want anyone's pet killed, but all these feral cats that just roam the countryside need to be killed.

    In the first neighborhood we lived in, you'd come out the door, and 3-4 cats would jump out and from the shrubs and run away.. They'd destroy our property. It was a major aggravation. The sad thing is that supposedly they were someone's pets, but the darn things stayed outside 24/7. I guess they went home to eat, but that's it. Is that really a pet?
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