College football is way off the radar right now, but with everyone talking brackets and March Madness, I thought this might be a good time to point out the lunacy in the way in which NCAA Div 1A football chooses its champion.

Can you imagine what March would be like if college basketball did away with the postseason tournaments and used something like the BCS? There would have been no conference tournaments, no brackets, no Selection Sunday, no Internet bracket sweepstakes, no office bracket pools, no talk of seedings, no Sweet Sixteen, no Elite Eight, and no Final Four.

Instead, starting last week, a series of meaningless exhibition games would have been played. All across the country, pairs of teams would have gotten together and played basketball games that had absolutely nothing to do with the other exhibition games, and once the winner of each game was determined, the teams and their fans would go home, win or lose, and wait to watch the championship game on television.

Finally, after a week of these exhibition games, we would get down to the real game - the only one that counts. This year it would have been Illinois vs Kansas, the two top-ranked teams according to RPI, for the NCAA title. But controversy would abound. North Carolina, ranked #2 in one poll, would claim they should be playing. Duke, ranked #2 in another poll, would contend they should be playing. Louisville, Kentucky, Wake Forest, Washington, Gonzaga, Boston College, Utah, and Pacific were all Top 25 teams with fewer losses than Kansas, and they could all stake their claim to a place in the championship game.

Wouldn't that be fun?