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As opposed to Bush who flew around in a plane all day or Cheney who went underground? Manly men those two.
It had nothing to do with their manhood; but security measures that were pre-planned and set into motion as a contigency. It was a set policy, not some spur of the moment thing. The President and VP had nothing to do with the devising of those plans.

What would you have had them do? Where do you think the Prez should have been? Under the circumstances, and seeing that one plane had already hit the Pentagon, and another was possibly going for the White House, where was he suppose to be? On the roof of the WH shaking a defiant fist?

The safest place was to be in the air, in no set place; but constantly moving around with jet fighter escorts, while he and his national security team (which was also on board) was communicating and coordinating what was going on.

You may think that is cowardice RF; but If Gore had been elected, guess where he would have been? In that airplane, with Leiberman in a bunker. They would have had no choice.