I have been receiving lots of emails and PMs asking me if I was going to post this again this year. So, here it is, back by popular demand (ok, not a single email or PM was sent to me requesting this thread ) ...

Gonelong's 4th annual Season W/L prediction thread ...

Note: This is a good chance for all those lurkers out there to get a first post under their belt.

If I may be so bold ... I politely request that everyone hold off on the "If so an so is healthy" or if this/that stuff for this one thread.

Get serious with it this year boys and girls! Lets see the number you'd put out there if you were forced to bet your house on being right. Max range of 5 Ws, and not give or take 5 (a 10 W range).

Gonelong predicts: 78 to 83 Wins
78-82 to 83-79