This is my first year in a fantasy baseball league and I'm trying to beat a friend who has supposedly won this thing the last 4 years, so I need all the help I can get from you gurus out there.

The league consists of 11-teams through yahoo with the following point system:

R=1, 1b=1, 2b=2, 3b=3, HR=4.5, RB=1, SH=.75, SF=.75, SB=1.75, BB/HBP=1,

GIDP= -1.25, K= -1, E = -2, CS= -.5

First question. Would the non-traditional OPS stat be useful in determining values of offensive players in a league like this? I assume so, but I'm not sure. High OPS should translate into good numbers across the board, except for SB's and RBI. Of course RBI, would be dependent on other variables, but RBI's are only worth 1 point, so no big deal, right?

Would Adam Dunn be a valuable player in a league like this? I ask, because in our auto-draft, he was pre-ranked at #72 (pitchers and offensive players). I was surprised, so I moved him up in my personal rankings, but someone else did as well, and I didn't get him.

I also need help with a potential trade.

My infield is strong with:

1b: Helton
2b: Womack
SS: Jeter (K.Greene)
MI: Renteria (K. Greene)
3b: Rolen
CI: Chavez

Now, since I just picked up K. Greene (.795 OPS in 2004 as a rookie), I'm thinking Renteria (.728 OPS in 2004) is expendable. That and I'm not to enamored with Renteria. So, I offered Renteria for Austin Kearns. Take a look at my outfield below. It's weak.

OF: Milton Bradley
OF: A. Rowland
OF: Matt Lawton
OF: Geoff Jenkins
OF: L. Gonzalez
OF/Uil: R. Ibanez
OF: Lance Berkman (DL)

I need help until Berkman is available. So, is Renteria for Kearns a good offer. I think I may pull it off because Kearns was ranked like 180ish and Renteria was #38 (way overrated). What do you all think? I ask because another guy that knows I don't want Renteria offered me Durham and Hidalgo for him. Durham and Womack are a wash, and Hidalgo is not real appealing to me, but my OF is weak and I may need to gamble.

I'd rather have Kearns, so I'm waiting for the other guy to respond to my offer.

My strength of my team is INF and rotation. My rotation is:

-Randy Johnson
-Ben Sheets
-Josh Beckett
-Barry Zito
-Eric Milton, Scott Kazmir, Brett Myers, Jim Lackey (back-up's)
-W. Miller (DL)

My other weakness (along with OF) is relief.

-Guardado (closer)
-B. J. Ryan (closer)
-Brazoban (closer, until Gagne is back)
-Julio (set-up)
-Donnelly (set-up)
-Borowski (DL)
-Tsao (DL)

Thanks in advance for any advice.