Have any of you heard about this new broadband service? I heard about it months ago from one my my teachers, and I just got a postcard in the mail today from Cingery about it.

How It Works
Connecting to the Internet has never been easier! Our revolutionary technology lets you use the existing power outlets in every room of your home or office for high-speed, broadband access. There’s no special wiring or equipment attached to your home, and no complicated wiring to your computer.

Current BroadbandTM service provides you access to the Internet from the existing power outlets in your home with a special power line modem. When you sign up for one of our monthly service plans, we will send you a power line modem to connect to the service free of charge.

Once you receive the modem, connect it to your computer with the standard Ethernet cord we provide. Then simply plug the modem directly into the power outlet on your wall, register your account and you’re connected!

Source: http://www.current.net
Does anyone here have this or know of anyone that does? I want to find out if its actually a good service with good uptime and download speeds.