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Thread: Customer Service

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    Customer Service

    What are some of your most horrid customer service tales. It is getting to the point where you can get absolutely nothing accomplished when you call someone.

    Here is mine:
    I could not believe when I called SBC info to get a number that it was automated. It is just so infuriating. So I said the city, state and name and it did not register. So I was telling my wife who was sitting next to me about it using very vulgar terms. So it goes through just like it used to an operator...She said there is no M'fer listed and to please not call again. She was trying to ban me from the info line...

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    Re: Customer Service

    On voice-recognition automated systems, if you just mumble incoherently it'll take you through to an operator... though it might prompt you two or three times saying it couldn't understand you, and could you please repeat yourself.
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    Re: Customer Service

    I got put on hold for an hour and a half when AT+T told me it was approximately a 10 minute wait.. I didn't get served until I got the AT+T operator to patch me in directly.. then they didn't understand why I wanted to drop AT+T

    It took me 6 months to cancel AOL.. They just kept billing my credit card. Every month, they promised they'd "Fix it", but every month I had to call them and the credit card company to dispute the charge.
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    Re: Customer Service

    I went to GABP with two tickets in the 400 Level behind the plate in Row F, which is the wheelchair section.

    I politely told the usher that I knew where I was going and I didn't need his help. Then, my wife and I took our seats.

    The usher became very agitated and insisted on seeing our tickets. I annoyedly showed him my valid ticket.

    He began insisting that there was no Row F in the 400 level and I needed to go up. I politely explained that if I were to go up, I would be in the 500 level and my tickets clearly display 400-something in the section nubmer.

    I politely explained to the kind gentleman that I would not be moving from said location, as I counted A, B, C, D, E, F as I was pointing to the corresponding rows. The usher then agreed with me that there was in fact a Row F in that section and I was indeed sitting in it, but my seat was in the upper level.

    I again reminded him that the upper level had the 500 numbers and my tickets were in the 400 level and I was sitting in the correct seats and I did not at all ask for his help.

    Some guy in a yellow EVENT STAFF shirt approached us, looked at me as if I were a criminal and asked the usher if there was a problem. I wanted to say that the problem was that you were born ugly and your stupid bright yellow shirt does you no favors. However, I bit my tongue and merely explained that the only problem was I know the seating chart better than the ushers.

    At this point, the brainiac usher suddenly turned on the lights in his head and realized that I had been correct all along. He offered me a half-assed apology and I reminded him that I never needed his help in the first place.

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    Re: Customer Service

    After my father died last April, I called AT&T to discontinue his long distance service. While the customer service rep cancelled my father's account, he slyly slid in, "So, do you have AT&T as your long distance carrier?"

    I rarely go off on people, but I made sure he knew that my father's death should not be an occasion for him to pick up some business.
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    Re: Customer Service

    Quote Originally Posted by Dom Heffner
    After my father died last April, I called AT&T to discontinue his long distance service. While the customer service rep cancelled my father's account, he slyly slid in, "So, do you have AT&T as your long distance carrier?"

    I rarely go off on people, but I made sure he knew that my father's death should not be an occasion for him to pick up some business.
    After my Dad died I was on the phone with his cable company to cancel.. I explained he had recently passed and I was shutting it off. The CS rep politely informed me I wasn't authorized to do this and only the account holder could do that. Grieving ol' me rather impolitely screamed back using several colorful adjectives that they might want to shut ot off because they would be getting no more money. :thumbdown

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    Re: Customer Service

    The temp Christmas help at the Customer Service desk at WalMarts.

    This woman was a ....... well, you know.

    My 9 yr old son had gotten a video game the day before from Grandma at the family Christmas. He was all excited about it and took the plastic off and opened it up. The game was not for the game system he has (and like Grandma's are suppose to know this, when I can't even keep them straight).

    Anyway, this woman was real rude and started saying that they couldn't take the game back, due to some federal regulation, and that I was stuck with it. She stated that people are copying these games and then returning them. I stood there and tried to be respectful as possible, and explain to her that we don't even own that particular game system. But was seeing I was getting nowhere with here.

    So I asked her to call back to that video game department and check on this policy. I was kinda listening in on the phone conversation, and I could tell by her tone that they were telling her something different that she told me.... and she wasn't happy about it. So when she hung up she stormed past me and went and got the manager. I'm assuming the manager told her the same thing that the others did, and that SHE WAS WRONG!

    So she came back and tried to act like SHE was gonna make a one time concession and let me exchange the game. I told her that that was all I wanted in the first place!

    So I went back and got the right game version, and brought it back to the counter. She immediately held the game up in my face and said "See! It has the plastic around it!". I said "Sure it does! It hasn't been opened yet."

    So, she processed the exchange and then started to do something really strange.... she was gonna take the plastic off the game. I said "What are you doing?". She said that by law they are required to take the plastic off of all game, video, and DVD purchases. I told her that she was nuts, and that I have never had a checkout clerk, whenever I bought a game, movie, etc., then take the plastic off before they put it in the bag. And she wasn't doing it now, or else I want to see that manager!

    She relented again, and I was on my way.

    So I told my son, who wants to get into developing computer gaming, to design one around Customer Service reps.... and I want lots of blood and disembodied parts in it.

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