My job is webmaster for a community college. We have recently decided to switch to a Content Management System called phpWebsite. I like a lot of it's features, but I don't feel it is quite what we need. As it's name indicates, it is php based with a mySQL backend. I have had it hacked quite a bit by myself, and a few others in the phpWebsite community, including an incredible programmer from Austria.

In discussing phpWS with him we have come to the conclusion that while we like the product, we think it could be a lot better. phpWS was based on phpNuke. So we are going one further. Three of us from the U.S., Austria nad Denmark are designing our own CMS.

I'd like some input on features you think are important to a CMS. Permissions, group permissions, categorizing content etc. Also if anyone is interested in joining the development team, well the more the merrier.