Hi all.

Now that the trip to Hawaii is done, it's time to start thinking about NEXT year. We think that we would like to go on a cruise and it looks like we are going to have lots of company. So far, between family and friends, we are looking at maybe 10-12 people going on this trip, which should make it a blast.

I need some help with a Caribbean Cruise, though. The wife and I took a cruise to the normal spots (Nassau, Grand Bahama, etc) and were a bit disappointed. All of the activities at each location were just crawling with people - I'm supposing that's the way of the cruise.

However, I like to get some info from anyone who has been on a cruise or knows someone else that has. Considering the wide range of incomes, we would like to keep this relatively inexpensive. Don't really have a preference as to which part of the Caribbean we go to though.