Just my opinion, but Huber Heights is pretty nice for the most part. It has some questionable parts, but most of it is nice. Riverside is right next door to Huber, so I am fairly familiar with the area, having hung around there quite a bit. I would say it is less desirable to live in the northern suburbs for the most part as compared to the southern suburbs if finances aren't an issue, but there are places to the north of Dayton that are very liveable. If someone were looking for a place in a northern suburb, Huber Heights would be the one I'd recommend. There are some in Miami County, to the north of Huber, that are ok too, but that's probably getting too far away from the Miamisburg/Centerville area if you were to commute there. Huber is right on I-70 and close to I-75, so travel still shouldn't be much of an issue there. It is similar to how Centerville was described in an earlier post in that it has the feel of city and country both; Huber has a ton of retail and most any store you could think of (though no mall, but you're still close to the two we've mentioned earlier in this thread), but there is also quite an area of farmland and open spaces there too once you get away from the I-70 area of town around OH-201 and 202.