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Yes, you felt personally attacked - so you went on the attack. Two wrongs, perceived or not, do not make a right. If you felt that RF was calling you a racist, you should go to the moderators and report it. They would issue him a PM warning. But since you're new here you got a bye - if RF did the same he'd be banned. You're best bet was to keep debating your ideas and ignore what RF said especially if you didn't know what he was getting at - heck, I didn't know what he was getting at!!!
I did know what he was getting at. And so did he whether or not he would ever own up to it. Obviously RF and I come from different ends of the political spectrum (although I hardly think I'm coming from as far to the right as he thinks I am).

The one thing I will grant you is that it should have been handled in a PM. I should have contacted him that way to express my concerns over his comment.

Look at my posting history Kitty, I am NOT the type to get into flame wars with people. Heck I don't even come here to talk about stuff outside of baseball normally. Unfortunately I made the mistake of ever even clicking on this thread link and offering my opinion. I should have known better than to even let people know my opinion on the matter.