Ok...here is the situation!

My son is 4 (4 and 7 months to be exact). A couple of days ago I was giving him a bath and while talking to him I noticed something in his mouth. I was shocked to see a tooth that had grown in on the bottom behind his others ! It looks like it could be one of his adult teeth! I brush his teeth everyday and never saw it until then (which I can't figure out why). Trying not to stress about it and worry him I didn't make a big deal and am looking around for a place to take him to his first dentist visit (I know, bad mommy! He should have gone before now ). Well today, he comes running out of his room telling me one of his teeth moves!! Sure enough, he has a loose tooth right in front of the one that just grew in !! He's not real thrilled about it BTW! Never thought I needed to give the "tooth fairy talk" to my 4 year old .

Anyone out there have this happen to you, your child or any child you know at this young of an age?? Is it normal? I did come across one website that said the average age for a child to start loosing teeth is 6 to 7 but a year or two earlier may be normal for your child. Granted, he is as tall as a 5 or 6 year old but in mind and body he is 4!

if you have any.