Hey I've never started one of these, but heard the reds lineup on the drive home...

RF Freel
2B Lopez
1B Casey
CF Griff
LF Dunn
3B Randa
SS Aurilla
C Larue (I think, but I wasn't really paying attention to this spot)
P Wilson

Interesting, first time we've seen them go with the 3 straight lefties this year. At least I believe its the first time. Griff dropped to 4th. Not perfect in my mind, but not bad either. Insert Kearns/Pena in right, Freel at second & Lopez at SS and stick with for the next month. Aurilla has shown little, & FeLo has shown that he at least deserves a long look. Interesting that they're keeping him at 2nd again, while Bergolla keeps getting more time at SS in Louisville. May be a peek into the future.