Hollywood security
"According to recent news reports, the Department of Homeland Security has hired former actress Bobbie Faye Ferguson, as DHS's 'liaison to the entertainment industry,' " says a memo from the Republican Study Committee.
Salary for the GS-15 position "could top $136,000 plus benefits. Ferguson's new role as Homeland's connection to the stars began in October 2004," reports the committee, which is the Republican conservative caucus on Capitol Hill.
The Hollywood liaison's job description includes "reviewing movie scripts" and identifying "opportunities for proactive outreach to the entertainment industry," according to the memo.
But the days of Homeland Security's "proactive outreach" to Tinseltown may be numbered. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, Colorado Republican, plans to introduce an amendment to the DHS appropriations bill that would take away $100,000 in taxpayer money budgeted for department salaries and transfer it to "first-responder grants."
"With $100,000, America's first responders could purchase ... 165 bulletproof vests or 40 Level A [hazardous material] protective suits," according to Mrs. Musgrave's office.
A Republican staffer had this to say about the DHS entertainment liaison idea: "You can't make this stuff up."