With the new format of the board, the discussion has gotten considerably better on here. Here's a chance to give a shout out to some of the best of the newbies in everyone's opinion. If you're not mentioned on this list, doesn't mean I don't appreciate you, these are just the five that I've noticed the most since the format change.

1) WVPacman-he gets a bit of a bad rap because his spelling and grammar may not be the best, and yeah, I poked fun at him a bit for a thread title, but he has passion for this team and he has started some good conversations of the Live! board. Reminds me a bit of myself when this board first started.

2) RedlegNation-if I remember, I believe the first poster I gave rep points to

My last three really think out their posts pretty well and put some good substance into what they write.

3) WillPitch4Food

4) rdiersin

5) Dunner44