Starting one week before and running one week after the Memorial Day holiday - from May 23 to June 5, 2005 - thousands of law enforcement agencies in communities across the country will be actively enforcing State safety belt laws during the Click It or Ticket Mobilization.

These efforts - coupled with paid advertising and the support of government agencies, traffic safety organizations, local advocates and others - will yet again result in dramatic increases in safety belt use, and will protect us against one of the greatest threats to us all - traffic crashes.

I have always worn a seatbelt. I was raised that way. Will not be a concern for me.

One question... how can people be given a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt while there are thousands of motorcycles on the street that show this citation for not wearing a seatbelt to be a contradiction? The state of Ohio does not even require a helmet be worn on a motorcycle, but requires a seatbelt to be worn in a car. Uh... okay.

No offense to motorcycle riders. I just have a problem with a law that holds no water IMO when you look at motorcycle laws that are an absolute contradiction to the car laws. With that being said, I hope everyone does buckle up. It seems absurd not to IMO. And if you don't like to buckle up and get ticketed... just sell the car and buy a bike.

Any other contradictory laws that come to mind?