Tonight was the NBA Draft Lottery. I wanted to let all the conspiracy theorists out there know that the lowly Milwaukee Bucks won the lottery. Clearly, David Stern had a vested interest in putting the NBA's next superstar in the media center that is Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

FYI, the last time the Bucks had the number one, they took Glen "the Big Dog" Robinson out of Purdue. Here's hoping they can come up with another stud like Big can never have enough me-first, one-dimensional scorers on a team.

That being said, I think the NBA Draft has replaced the NFL Draft as my favorite to watch. You can't put a price on watching these crazy foreign guys who paid to come to the draft privately climb down out of the rafters in the second round and shoot an evil glare at the world, then give a television interview in very bad English (read: Maciej "Magic Lamp" Lampe, New York Knicks, 2003; one of the few times I've ever seen New York fans cheer in a draft setting).

Here's the fully story on the lottery: