Ok, everyone can post in Red's Live, but only experienced members can post in Old Red Guard? I don't really understand why we have to look at two boards and only be allowed to post in 1.....I've been here since this thing pretty much started and i dont know if i necessarily find it insulting, but im pretty disappointed this board once was "For Reds fans, by Reds fans" has now only turned into experienced or paying members only for the Old Reds Guard board....Personally i unfortunately can't sponser any money into this site b/c im in college and am pretty much dead broke. Besides what exactly does it prove being able to have two boards and being allowed to only post on 1? Why not have 1 completely unseen from people that are "inexperience" or "non-paying"? I dont know it really just hit me tonight that its kind of ridiculous that it has been spread apart like this.