If you loved the TV miniseries V as much as I did back in the early 80's, and I know you did, you'll be excited to hear about this.

If NBC doesn't screw it up.

01/29/05 - Heard from KEN JOHNSON!
Hi Ilana...

Okay, so you know that my original plan was to do a sequel that would pick up the story 20 years later. NBC bought it, I wrote it, and after 18 months of going around and around, they thought it would be cool to first do a remake of the original.

Not my favorite idea, and after four more months of discussion and negotiation, I finally closed a deal with NBC yesterday to create a treatment for a remake.

I've fashioned a story which I'll deliver shortly that maintains the integrity and thematic essence of my original themes and characters while updating it to address current lifestyles and issues facing society today.

The World War Two references have been replaced by much more recent incidents from the dark side of humanity. This has allowed me to sustain the underlying power of historic resonance that made the original so compelling and so well-received by critics and audiences alike.

Could that lead to the sequel being done as a follow up? ....Gee, I sure hope so. Stay tuned.

Thanks for caring.



04/07/05 Heard from KEN JOHNSON! I can't believe how DUMB NBC is!!! "Hi...knew you'd appreciate this note I just got from NBC about the V remake:
"Do the aliens really need to arrive in all those big spaceships?
Because it'll look like you ripped off Independence Day." xxx Kenny

04/15/05 - Heard from KEN JOHNSON!

Today NBC gave me the go-ahead-to-script for the 4-hour V remake, based on my new story.

Hopefully they'll like the finished screenplay.

Hopefully Warners will then be able to make an appropriate deal for production.

Only then, hopefully, might I actually be able to say Action.

And in a perfect world it will get high enough ratings to warrant a sequel. Hmmm. Wonder where I can find one?

Best... Kenny"