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Before the draft he was talked about as having Round 1 talent.

He has 3 plus pitches already, all power stuff. heavy 2 seam, 4 seam fastball that run to the low 90's and a good slider.

I'm guessing that teams backed off because of signability concerns, but even teamonebaseball.com questions that:

Can't figure why he goes this far down. One of the most talked about JC pitchers in this draft. Obviously signability became an issue, but why?

He's a JUCO pitcher. How hard can they be to sign? I was hoping that the Reds would pick very talented players that fell in the draft. That's a great way to build up your system. DanO has been preaching "building through the draft" since he was hired. I've yet to see him truly dedicate himself to doing this. They take "signable" players, or very average talent players. If you want to "build the system" you have to give more effort than what has been done the past 2-3 years. Maiques, I viewed as a chance to do that. You could have basically been given a round 1-2 talent in the 37th round. You have to take a chance on guys like that if you want to "build" the system.
I don't know, but 29 other teams didn't bite either until the last pick of round 37, which should lead anyone to believe there are legitimate issues there. Of course, with the number of duds we picked, what makes the difference?