Baseball Tonight said the Mets are looking at Sean Casey as a replacement for Doug Mientkiewicz. I would do this deal in a heartbeat, it definitely is an upgrade for the Mets, and after their offseason free agency spending this may be the piece of the puzzle to get them in the playoffs. It would be a major dissapointment if the Mets didn't make the playoffs after signing Pedro and Beltran, and the fans would be restless. I would like DanO to go after this deal NOW! here's my pitch to the Mets:

Reds trade: Sean Casey

Mets trade: Yumeiro Petit(AA) RHP Baseball America's #46 prospect and he's only 21yrs old. Having a good season at AA.

Aaron Heilman(ML) 27 year old Starter who's been relegated to the Mets bullpen, has posted solid numbers when starting but just really never given an opportunity with the Mets.

Jae Seo(AAA) 28 yr old starter. Has been to the majors, but the Mets keep jerkin him around, they would trade him for the right player. Seo's numbers have been good, but he projects as a 5th starter or long reliever.

This deal is very doable, but I insist on Petit as the centerpiece for Casey, others may be changable, if we have to eat Mientkiewicz's salary then I ask for Petit and minor leaguer Lastings Milledge(A) OF. BA's #11 prospect. The deal then would be:

Reds trade: Sean Casey 8.5 million
Joe Valentine(AAA) RP

Mets trade: Doug Mientkiewicz 3.75million
Yosmiero Petit AA RHP
Lastings Milledge A OF