I always liked Winnie when I was younger. I like her even more so now!

Winnie From 'Wonder Years' Shows Her Sexy Side

POSTED: 10:45 am EDT June 13, 2005

NEW YORK -- Winnie Cooper didn't look like this when Kevin had the hots for her on "The Wonder Years."

Danica McKellar is wearing high heels and not much else in a photo shoot for Stuff magazine.


McKeller poses in a see-through bra, a bikini and other sexy outfits in the seven-page spread. She said she's not "shy about walking around with nothing on."

She said she wanted to show everyone she's not "a little girl anymore." She said she's never even taken pictures in a bathing suit before, and that photo shoot was a "rite of passage" for her.

McKellar is 30 now. She hopes for "grittier roles" on TV and in the movies.