Regarding this earlier post I made:

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Well, based on the poll results, it's pretty obvious that the vast, vast majority of the forum (who voted, anyway) are in favor of doing away with the anonymous reputations. I'm setting July 1st as the date that we're turning that option off (in other words, anonymous comments will no longer to be left at that date). So, the 10 most recent comments that are left between now and that date are the ones that a user will see who left them when it goes into effect. Thanks again for the feedback.

A user sent me a PM today and brought up some good points about potential flaws with this. This person has viewable reputation he/she has received that dates back to May 4th, which would be the 10th most recently received reputation comment. I'm sure there are others that have similar feedback dates. The problem this presents is that even if we wait until July 1st to make feedback viewable, it's undoubtedly going to display your user name for someone's 10 most recent feedback comments, and that's not really fair since these comments were left given the impression they were made anonymously.

In any event, a couple of different suggestions were proposed. The first is to push the date we disable the anonymity even further, but that would have to be a substantially long date in the future, which I don't care for. The other option is to disable the anonymity almost immediately with one cavaet: anyone that does not want the user to see who left a negative reputation remark can send me a PM and I will delete that remark so it will go unseen once we turn off the anonymity. To be honest, it'll be a pain for me and some work I'd rather not do, but I'm willing to do it because I don't see any other plausible solutions and the consensus is that users want this feature turned off. Does anyone have any other potential ideas? If not, I guess we'll go ahead and turn it off in the next few days and I'll delete any feedback that has been left that a user requests via PM. Deleting comments will boost the receiver's reputation score because that negative/comment will no longer exist.