I know this post is NOT going to be very popular, but it's the truth.

Let's look at the big picture.

1) The Reds have four outfielders that are everyday players.

2) Of those four outfielder, Dunn will bring the most in any trade and the reds are desperate for some young talent.

3) Dunn will make close to $9 Million dollars next season, that money could go along way next year to fix some of the Reds many problems.

4) There are currently many Big Market teams still in the race, which I believe drive up the demand for Dunn, a nice bidding war may break out.

5) The longer we hold on to Dunn the Less value I believe he will have. Right nw a team would retain his rights for a couple of more years, and he is also at a reasonable salary, the higher that goes means fewer and fewer and teams will be able to swing a trade for him.

I would to love to hold on to Dunn, but I just don't see it happening, It's looking more and more lie he is going to jump ship the fiest chance he gets.

The time is now.