1.   Gary Coleman (DIFF'RENT STROKES)
       2.   Macaulay Culkin (HOME ALONE)
       3.   Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen (FULL HOUSE)
       4.   Jodie Foster (TAXI DRIVER, FREAKY FRIDAY)
       5.   Drew Barrymore (E.T.)
       6.   Emmanuel Lewis (WEBSTER)
       7.   Ron Howard (THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW)
       8.   Corey Feldman  (STAND BY ME, GOONIES)
       9.   Maureen McCormick  (THE BRADY BUNCH)
       10.  Danny Bonaduce  (THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY)
       11.  The Jackson Five
       12.  Brooke Shields (PRETTY BABY)
       13.  Jonathan Lipnicki  (JERRY MAGUIRE)
       14.  Tatum O'Neal  (PAPER MOON)
       15.  Kirk Cameron  (GROWING PAINS)
       16.  Dustin Diamond   (SAVED BY THE BELL)
       17.  Molly Ringwald  (16 CANDLES)
       18.  Ricky Schroder   (THE CHAMP, SILVER SPOONS)
       19.  Keshia Knight Pulliam (THE COSBY SHOW)
       20.  Christopher Knight  (THE BRADY BUNCH)
       21.  Joey Lawrence  (GIMME A BREAK!)
       22.  Barry Williams  (THE BRADY BUNCH)
       23.  Kim Fields  (THE FACTS OF LIFE)
       24.  Henry Thomas  (E.T.)
       25.  Jonathan Taylor Thomas  (HOME IMPROVEMENT)
       26.  Corey Haim  (LUCAS, THE LOST BOYS)
       27.  Fred Savage  (THE WONDER YEARS)
       28.  Alyssa Milano  (WHO'S THE BOSS?)
       29.  Valerie Bertinelli  (ONE DAY AT A TIME)
       30.  Lisa Whelchel  (THE FACTS OF LIFE)
       31.  Melissa Gilbert  (LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE)
       32.  Malcolm-Jamal Warner  (THE COSBY SHOW)
       33.  New Edition
       34.  Susan Olsen (THE BRADY BUNCH)
       35.  Soleil Moon Frye  (PUNKY BREWSTER)
       36.  Linda Blair  (THE EXORCIST)
       37.  Jaleel White  (FAMILY MATTERS)
       38.  Sara Gilbert (ROSEANNE)
       39.  Sarah Jessica Parker  (SQUARE PEGS)
       40.  Todd Bridges  (DIFF'RENT STROKES)
       41.  Anthony Michael Hall  (16 CANDLES)
       42.  Mike Lookingland  (THE BRADY BUNCH)
       43.  Mindy Cohn  (THE FACTS OF LIFE)
       44.  Joey McIntyre   (NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK)
       45.  Butch Patrick (THE MUNSTERS)
       46.  Tina Yothers  (FAMILY TIES)
       47.  Leann Rimes
       48.  David Faustino (MARRIED ...  WITH CHILDREN)
       49.  Kristy McNichol  (FAMILY)
       50.  Danielle Brisebois (ALL IN THE FAMILY)
       51.  Tempest Bledsoe (THE COSBY SHOW)
       52.  Michael Fishman  (ROSEANNE)
       53.  Mayim Bialik  (BLOSSOM)
       54.  Quinn Cummings  (THE GOODBYE GIRL)
       55.  Danica McKellar   (THE WONDER YEARS)
       56.  Danny Pintauro  (WHO'S THE BOSS?)
       57.  Danielle Spencer  (WHAT'S HAPPENING!!)
       58.  Brian Bonsall  (FAMILY TIES)
       59.  Kirsten Dunst  (INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE)
       60.  Jason Bateman  (SILVER SPOONS)
       61.  Eve Plumb  (THE BRADY BUNCH)
       62.  Wil Wheaton  (STAND BY ME)
       63.  Peter Billingsley  (A CHRISTMAS STORY)
       64.  Lara Jill Miller  (GIMME A BREAK!)
       65.  Heather O'Rourke  (POLTERGEIST)
       66.  Jill Whelan  (THE LOVE BOAT)
       67.  Jonathan Ke Quan  (INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM)
       68.  Michael Oliver  (PROBLEM CHILD)
       69.  Edward Furlong  (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY)
       70.  Jerry O'Connell  (STAND BY ME)
       71.  Erin Moran  (HAPPY DAYS)
       72.  Jason Hervey  (THE WONDER YEARS)
       73.  Adam Rich    (EIGHT IS ENOUGH)
       74.  Tatyana Ali  (THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR)
       75.  Elijah Wood  (AVALON)
       76.  Robbie Rist  (THE BRADY BUNCH)
       77.  Diane Lane  (A LITTLE ROMANCE)
       78.  Peter Ostrum  (WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY)
       79.  Menudo
       80.  Justin Henry  (KRAMER VS. KRAMER)
       81.  Nancy McKeon  (THE FACTS OF LIFE)
       82.  Lance Kerwin  (JAMES AT 15)
       83.  Jeremy Miller  (GROWING PAINS)
       84.  Raven-Symone  (THE COSBY SHOW)
       85.  Scott Schwartz  (THE TOY, A CHRISTMAS STORY)
       86.  Shannen Doherty  (LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE)
       87.  Jackie Earle Haley  (THE BAD NEWS BEARS)
       88.  Cynthia Nixon  (LITTLE DARLINGS)
       89.  Amy Linker  (SQUARE PEGS)
       90.  Kris Kross
       91.  Dana Plato  (DIFF'RENT STROKES)
       92.  Lecy Goranson  (ROSEANNE)
       93.  Anna Paquin  (THE PIANO)
       94.  Jenna Von Oy  (BLOSSOM)
       95.  Alfonso Ribeiro  (SILVER SPOONS)
       96.  Alison Arngrim  (LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE)
       97.  Christina Ricci  (MERMAIDS)
       98.  Hanson
       99.  Lacey Chabert  (PARTY OF FIVE)
       100. Candace Cameron  (FULL HOUSE)

VH1 put out this list of 100 Greatest Kid Stars of ALL TIME.

I'm sorry, but I almost blew my stack when I saw this...

Gary Coleman? Please...

(this is ALL-TIME, supposedly_.

What about NATALIE WOOD (RedBaron would agree)
Mickey Rooney? Judy Garland? Hayley Mills? Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Cooper and so many more....

This would be MY top TEN (anyone else want to chip in )

1. Shirley Temple
2. Natalie Wood
3. Mickey Rooney
4. Elizabeth Taylor
5. Jodi Foster
6. Drew Barrymore
7. Jackie Cooper
8. Olsen Twins
9. Ron Howard
10. Judy Garland (well, she did start a bit late)

honorable mention to Natalie Portman (also started late)...

I probably left some out...but VH1...gawd!!!!!!