Beside's Stephen King's latest, "Everything's Eventual", I bought two other new books this week.

One is Carl Hiaasen's "Basket Case". This is the author that I've mentioned before. He writes mysteries, with a really odd sense of humor. I beleive the murder weapon in this one may be a frozen lizard. I love his books ..... but I'm a tad peculiar myself...... as some of you know.

The other is "A Day at the Ballpark". It's the first book by a new author Steve Holt. Not sure why it caught my attention. Every now and then, I try a new author. I think it's a young man's coming of age from a difficult home kind of story.

I'm so far behind on my reading. I curse the internet and television sometimes. I can't wait until the weather warms up. I'm a more successful reader when I can go outside or go to a lake or park.

Has anyone read anything by Elmore Leonard? I haven't, but saw a book on Amazon that caught my eye. Is he any good?

So, what's everyone reading these days?