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Jesus Christ was also available, Heavenly Father, Jehovah, the Almighty, the Holy one of Israel, the Creator, etc. I think she is looking for a fight instead of genuine concern for her grade. Maybe a little remembrance of "wise as serpents...harmless as doves" would have helped her to consider synonyms, but then I'm thinking there might have been an agenda at work here. More confusion about the two kingdoms again.
While I agree. Do you think this teacher would have approved the paper even then if she had used such definitive terms that really single a person, such as Jesus Christ, rather then a "generic" term "God"?

What if she was a Muslim and wanted right about the effects of Islam on the development of the Middle East, and he stipulated "No mention of big 'G' gods, i.e., one, true god argumentation."

I'm so tired of this "offend argument".

But this part really confounds me...

Hauf's teacher approved her term paper topic — Religion and its Place within the Government — on one condition: Don't use the word God.
Yes. One can write this paper and not use the word "God". It's not impossible. Just silly and ridiculous. It defintely would be an incomplete paper lacking in much substance and validity though IMO.

He wouldn't be able to give her a "D" because that might be construed to stand for Deity. A "C" might stand for Christ. Or an "A" for Almighty.