Hey all,
I thought I would throw this out there to the throngs of loyal Reds fans. As you may or may not know I just graduated from Ashland Theological Seminary in June. Since January I have been running after my calling which is planting a church. We are small but mighty right now, where total attendance between groups and sunday morning reaches around 20. Which is not bad for a 6 month old church...

If anyone is in the area and wants to check us out here is the address:
1843 Graham Rd. Stow OH 44224 --> Dangerously close to cleveland i know!
We also accept and appreciate prayers for this new venture
Anywho, we are trying some different things and some new ads are being printed today so maybe youll see them out there. If you want to catch a hint of what we are about one of our ads is a simple post card with this statement on the front:

Church doesn't have to suck...

Thank you all

Tom Asbury