I know not very many of us are on first name's basis, and some of that is to protect the guilty , but I am just so glad I have a cool name, at least I think it is. I won't give a list of what I consider names I'm glad I don't have to keep from offending anyone, but I am so glad my mom avoided certain Christian names.

Ok, I am male, and my first name is Cary. Of course its not without its problems, like misspellings (Carey, Kerry, just to name a few), mistaken for other more common male names (Corey, Harry, Jerry, Gary), and yes, I have gotten made fun of for having a "girl's name." And it rhymes with fairy, which also left me as the butt of a few jokes. But nothing like the problems Jerry Seinfeld claims to have had with "Jerry Jerry Dingleberry" and "Seinsmelled." One time, I had a great combo name with my ex-bro in law, whose nickname was "Cash" for the first initial and his last name, and together we were "Cash and Cary". Pretty cool pun, eh? Too bad we weren't a home run duo

As another part of this, I also was thinking of a name I would prefer other than my own, I've always thought Jeremiah was a cool name.

Anyone else given this one some thought?