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Thread: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetstop
    My playlist of "comfort" songs...those that I want to put their arms around me when I need to feel safe and secure...would include the following:

    In Dreams - Roy Orbison
    Crazy - Patsy Cline
    God Only Knows - Beach Boys
    R.L. Burnside - It's Bad You Know
    Mambo Italiano - Rosemary Clooney
    Harvest Moon - Neil Young
    Everybody's Gonna Be Happy - The Kinks
    What Is This Thing Called Love - Lemar
    My Man - Billie Holiday
    The Best - Tina Turner
    The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn - Dan Tyminski w/ Jerry Douglas
    New Favorite - Alison Krauss
    Memphis In The Meantime - John Hiatt
    I Bow Down And Pray To Every Woman I See - Chuck Prophet
    Two Of Us - Aimee Mann and Michael Penn
    Brazil - Django Reinhardt
    Mack The Knife - Bobby Darin
    Why - Annie Lennox
    I Thank You - Sam & Dave
    Dimming Of The Day - Richard & Linda Thompson
    Soft Winds - Dinah Washington
    Jura (I Swear I Love You) - Les Paul & Mary Ford
    Return To Me - Bob Dylan
    Got To Give It Up - Marvin Gaye
    City Of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie

    I could replace all these songs w/ another one (several times) and still have a list of favorites.
    Nice list. You and my wife would have a lot in common in the music department.

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    "Just Another High" Roxy Music
    "Here Come the Warm Jets" Brian Eno
    "Fantastic Voyage" David Bowie
    "Long, Long, Long" The Beatles
    "Get Out of My Throat" Tobin Sprout
    "Angel of Death" Slayer
    "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" X
    "The Rover" Led Zeppelin
    "Heads Will Roll" Echo and the Bunnymen
    "Always on My Mind" Willie Nelson
    "Country Home" Neil Young
    "Problem Child" AC/DC
    "Baby Blue" 13th Floor Elevators (Dylan cover)
    "Screaming in the Night" Krokus
    "Brand New Love" (Electric) Sebadoh
    "Father to a Sister of Thought" Pavement
    "Turbo Lover" Judas Priest
    "Held" Smog
    "Stove by a Whale" Ted Leo & the Pharms
    "Heroes and Villains" Beach Boys
    "Tomorrow's Dream" Black Sabbath
    "All Her Favorite Fruit" CVB
    "No. 13 Baby" Pixies
    "The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize" Devo
    "Disorder" Joy Division
    "Warning Sign" Talking Heads
    "No Reservations" Husker Du

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    My current happy playlist

    "I Hate My Generation" Cracker
    "Vasoline" - Stone Temple Pilots
    "Do You Like It" Our Lady Peace
    "The World has Turned" Weezer
    "Animal" Pearl Jam
    "Little Things" Bush
    "Breaking the Girl" Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    "Too Cool Queenie" Stone Temple Pilots
    "Bombtrack" Rage Against the Machine
    "Right Through You" Alanis Morissette
    "I Don't Think So" Dinosaur Jr.
    "Lithium" Nirvana
    "Day I tried to Live" Soundgarden
    "Cumbersome" Seven Mary Three
    "Would" Alice in Chains
    "Miss Emma Peel" Dishwalla
    "Heart Shaped Box" Nirvana
    "Why Go" Pearl Jam
    "Jumper" Third Eye Blind
    "Everlasting" Smashing Pumpkins
    "Army Ants" Stone Temple Pilots
    "My Name is Jonas" Weezer
    "Suicidal Dream" Silverchair
    "Hummer" Smashing Pumpkins
    "Bad Luck" Social Distortion
    "Israel's Son" Silverchair

    And yeah, I've been in a 90's rock mood the last few weeks or so.

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Quote Originally Posted by RedsBaron
    Dom, I absolutely love Dolly's "Jolene" and Pat's "We Belong." Pat Benatar and Martina McBride did a great duet on "We Belong" on a CMT "Crossroads" special. I also like Strait, but "Amarillo By Morning" is my favorite Strait song.
    I.... Loathe..... Amarillo by Morning.
    Raisel Ghul, the Demon's Head

    The eyes never lie.

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    What are these "ipods" you all are speaking of?

    I'm not real hip to the new tech or anything.

    Clueless might be a word for it.
    "Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many men on the field?" ~ Jim Bouton

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Of the top of my head-

    Stormy Monday- Live Allman Brothers version
    Forever Young- Bob Dylan
    Country Honk- Rolling Stones
    You've Got To Hide Your Love Away- The Beatles
    Rat Tomango- Frank Zappa
    Jessica- Allman Brothers
    Let It Bleed- The Stones
    All Right Guy- Todd Snider
    Please Don't Bury Me- John Prine
    Some Girls- The Stones
    One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer- John Lee Hooker
    Let It Be- The Beatles
    Homeward Bound- Simon and Garfunkel
    Tangled Up In Blue- Bob Dylan
    Jesus Christ-The Missing Years- John Prine
    Rainbows All Over Your Blues- Lovin' Spoonful
    Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow- Fleetwood Mac
    I've been to dinner at Jimmy Buffet's house, and I've eaten it at a homeless shelter. And there's great joy and harrowing terror to be found in both places.
    -Todd Snider

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Completely random and drawn heavily from what I've been listening to the past week:

    1. The Mission - 30 Seconds to Mars
    2. For Nancy - Pete Yorn
    3. Breathe (2 a.m.) - Anna Nalick
    4. Breathless - Better Than Ezra
    5. Gone for Good - The Shins
    6. If You Don't, Don't - Jimmy Eat World
    7. Fine Again - Seether
    8. Creepin' In - Norah Jones (w/Dolly Parton)
    9. Attack - 30 Seconds to Mars
    10. Times Like These - Foo Fighters
    11. Control - Puddle of Mudd
    12. Flake - Jack Johnson
    13. Budda For Mary - 30 Seconds to Mars
    14. Living Room - Tegan and Sara
    15. I've Got Dreams - Otis Redding
    16. Angeles - Elliott Smith
    17. This Year's Love - David Gray
    18. From Yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars
    19. New Slang - The Shins
    20. Capricorn - 30 Seconds to Mars

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenlord
    under the 'comfort/moving' concept

    1. Streets-Savatage
    2. Jesus Saves-Savatage
    3. Tonight He Grins Again-Savatage
    4. Strange Reality-Savatage
    5. A Little Too Far-Savatage
    6. You're Alive/Sammy and Tex
    7. St. Patrick's-Savatage
    8. Can You Hear Me Now-Savatage
    9. New York City Don't Mean Nothin'-Savatage
    10. Ghost In the Ruins-Savatage
    11. If I Go Away-Savatage
    12. Agony and Ecstacy-Savatage
    13. Heal My Soul-Savatage
    14. Somewhere In Time-Savatage
    15. Believe-Savatage
    16. Miles Away-Savatage
    17. Chance-Savatage
    18. When the Crowds Are Gone-Savatage
    19. Morphine Child-Savatage
    20. Dead Winter Dead-Savatage
    21. Sleep-Savatage

    heh, didn't realize most of the songs would come off the same CD, let alone same band.

    Rob, I am your father.
    My dad got to enjoy 3 Reds World Championships by the time he was my age. So far, I've only gotten to enjoy one. Step it up Redlegs!

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Quote Originally Posted by Falls City Beer
    Nice list. You and my wife would have a lot in common in the music department.
    Thanks. I tend to be eclectic in my musical, as well as other, tastes. After all, life is a smorgasbord.

    I noticed Pavement on your list. My daughter and son-in-law are devotees. They still have an old Pavement bumper sticker on their Forester.
    teach tolerance.

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Quote Originally Posted by savafan

    Rob, I am your father.
    yeah, yeah, yeah :
    the store for all your blade, costuming (in any regard), leather (also in any regard), and steel craft needs.www.facebook.com/tdhshop

    yes, this really is how we make our living.

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    More (I listen to a lot of music)

    1. Girls Ain't Nuthin But Trouble - Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
    2. Principal's Office - Young M.C.
    3. Black Boys on Mopeds - Sinead O'Connor
    4. Paid In Full - Eric B & Rakim
    5. Mo Money, Mo Problems - Mase
    6. Kids in America - Kim Wilde
    7. Love Stinks - J. Geils Band
    8. Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine
    9. O.P.P - Naughty By Nature
    10. Pop Goes the Weasel - 3rd Bass
    11. Train In Vain - The Clash
    12. Da Da Da (I don't love you....) - Trio
    13. Freedom '90 - George Michael
    14. Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
    15. Master of Puppets - Metallica
    16. God Only Knows - Beach Boys
    17. Miss Sarajevo - Passengers Soundtrack
    Last edited by Red Leader; 07-11-2005 at 05:40 PM.
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    Your Mom is happy.

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Thank you everyone for this thread. It has HELPED SO MUCH in finding good quality songs. I hate todays new "urban" style songs that take up all the radio and tv, so it's that much harder for me to find some good stuff seeing that I'm 17. I have been able to find most of your songs on download sites (Legally, duh! )

    Go Reds!
    Baseball Bliss
    Im a normal guy blessed with the ability to hit a baseball. - Sean Casey

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    under the theme of 'getting amped'

    1. Warriors of the World-ManOwaR
    2. In My Darkest Hour-Megadeth
    3. Demonoid Phenomenon-Rob Zombie
    4. Cereal Killer-Green Jelly
    5. Let the Hammer Fall-HammerFall
    6. Hail and Kill-ManOwaR
    7. The Curse of Feanor-Blind Guardian
    8. Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)-Blind Guardian
    9. Hall of the Mountain King-Savatage
    10. Neon Knights (Black Sabbath cover)-Steel Prophet
    11. Rotten to the Core-Overkill
    12. Liar-Megadeth
    13. I Am the Law-Anthrax
    14. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse-Dimmu Borgir
    15. Steel Meets Steel-HammerFall
    16. Stand Alone-Iced Earth
    17. Reaping Stone-Iced Earth
    18. Duality-Slipknot (i truly hate liking this song)
    19. Pull Me Under-Dream Theater
    20. Bodies-Drowning Pool
    the store for all your blade, costuming (in any regard), leather (also in any regard), and steel craft needs.www.facebook.com/tdhshop

    yes, this really is how we make our living.

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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    Here is what is on my "25 Most Recently Played" for my iTunes:

    1. "Diamond Dogs" -- Beck
    2. "Green Fields of France" -- Dropkick Murphys
    3. "Breakin'" -- The Music
    4. "Oh My God" -- Kaiser Chiefs
    5. "Crush" -- Dave Matthews Band
    6. "Ya'll Been Warned" - Wu-Tang Clan
    7. "Army" - Ben Folds Five
    8. "Feels Like the First Time" -- Foreigner
    9. "Black Friday Rule" -- Flogging Molly
    10. "Bombs over Baghdad" -- Outkast
    11. "The Joker" -- Steve Miller Band
    12. "Walk on the Ocean" -- Toad the Wet Sprocket
    13. "The Best is Yet to Come" -- Frank Sinatra
    14. "Cold World" -- The GZA
    15. "The Boxer" -- Carbon Leaf
    16. "Rocky Road to Dublin" -- Dropkick Murphys
    17. "The General" -- Disptach
    18. "Bittersweet Symphony" -- Coldplay frm. Live 8
    19. "A Bell Will Ring" -- Oasis
    20. "Mysterious Ways" -- U2
    21. "Take Five" -- Dave Brubeck Quartet
    22. "Time 4 Sum Aksion" -- Redman
    23. "A Lifetime" -- Better Than Ezra
    24. "Jerk it Out" -- Ceasers
    25. "Don't Bring Me Down" -- Electric Light Orchestra

    I guess "Eclectic" would be the word I would choose.
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    Cincinnati Here We Go.
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    Re: Your 'Celebrity Playlist?'

    My girlfriend requested a mix of "upbeat stuff to do housecleaning to" so I gave her this:

    1 White Lies -- Cheri Knight
    2 Dont Worry Baby -- Los Lobos
    3 Here Comes Your Man -- Pixies
    4 Night Time Is the Right Time -- Ray Charles
    5 Honey Dont -- Carl Perkins
    6 You Cant Do That -- The Beatles
    7 How Do You Feel --- Jefferson Airplane
    8 Dry --- PJ Harvey
    9 Heather's All Bummed out
    Today --- Lonesome Bob
    10 Little Sister ---- Elvis Presley
    11 Mystery Train -- Little Jr Parker
    12 Slow Down -- Larry Williams
    13 Turning Japanese ---- Liz Phair
    14 Believe What You Say --- Rick Nelson
    15 Lets Dance ---- The Ramones
    16 I Dont Want to Hear It
    Anymore ---- Dusty Springfield
    17 Love Is the Drug --- Roxy Music
    18 Ooh Las Vegas ---- Gram Parsons
    19 Wang Dang Doodle --- Koko Taylor
    20 I Dont Get It ---- Cowboy Junkies
    21 The Passenger --- Iggy Pop
    22 Good to Me as I Am to You ---- Aretha Franklin
    23 I Saw the Light ---- Hank Williams
    24 You're Still Standin' There --- Steve Earle/ Lucinda Williams
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