Ok, so last night I exchanged some talk with one of our newest posters Achiles. Quite frankly, I am appauled at the wolfpack of members that are ganging up on this newbie. And I am also disappointed that some of the admins are basically enabling this behavior.

I am not going to call out any names from his infamous list, but it is kind of ironic that one of those posters had sincere concerns about the rep system being abused when it was formed. Another poster through a huge fit the first time a troll dinged him for 1 rep point. Yet, they seem to forget that a newbie getting slammed his first day is going to get upset and vent.

I had insommnia last night, so I read every one of his posts (didn't put me to sleep, unfortunately). I can't find a single post of on the baseball side that deserved a neg. The nonbaseball thread got a little out of hand, but try to understand his frustration.

Was he right to post "the list"? Probably not. Was he right to participate in flame wars via PM. Nope. But I talked to him and told him I would make this post in the morning. He agreed to stop posting his list and stop the flaming if people will just back off and leave him alone. So let's give him a fresh start.

I'd also like to point out that Reds Live was created for the newbies. If you can't tolerate newbies, please stay in the Sacred Old Red Guard Forum, or put the poster you don't like on ignore (like we used to have to do before we had all this power to punish people).