I'm all for equal time for the ladies and those who are comfortable enough with their own sexuality to comment on this.

Here are the nominees:

Cyclist Lance Armstrong

Real Madrid soccer star David Beckham

Browns' Linebacker/model Kevin Bentley

Freestyle Skier Jeremy Bloom

Ravens QB Kyle Boller

Texans QB David Carr

Red Sox Outfielder Johnny Damon

Reds Outfielder Adam Dunn

Spanish Tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero

Race Car driver and Mr. Ashley Judd, Dario Franchitti

Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter

Nascar driver Kasey Kahne

Philadelphia 76ers Kyle Korver

Orioles catcher Javy Lopez

Spanish tennis star Carlos Moya

Swimmer Michael Phelps

Tennis star Andy Roddick

Falcons QB Michael Vick

Athletics pitcher Barry Zito

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez

Patriots QB Tom Brady

Miami Dolphins Jason Taylor

Nascar driver Jeff Gordon

Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Swimmer Michael Klim

Boxer Oscar De La Hoya