But this guy is on the new National Lampoon movie Lost Reality. Calls himself the "Amazing Racist"


LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- You've heard of "The Amazing Race" but a Los Angeles comedian is known as "the Amazing Racist."

When Ari Shaffir isn't appearing on stage at L.A. comedy clubs, he gets his kicks by purposely offending members of different minority and ethnic groups to see how they react to his "button-pushing."

For instance, he gets his kicks walking into mosques and trying to sell shirts that read, "My parents went to Mecca and all I got was this terrible body odor."

Some comedians claim they use racial humor to "break down barriers" but Shaffir says "That's a load. They just want the laugh."

Shaffir filmed many of his offensive encounters for a new DVD, "National Lampoon's Lost Reality," and is amazed how many victims of his racial slurs willingly signed release forms.

Still, he's even more shocked by the reactions of those he left out.

In his words, "I got gays and Asians telling me they're offended that I didn't try and get them -- but they're next."
Heres a video of him tricking Mexicans into going to the immigration office. Somewhat offensive IMO-