I agree with much of what many of you are saying. I'm already on record as favoring a return to the look of 1968-71. Hopefully the day will finally come when those or something really close grace the turf of Great American Ballpark.

It looks like at one team is retiring its sleeveless jerseys after this season: the Kansas City Royals. Word is they will also drastically scale back (if not completely remove) the amount of black in their sets, as well. They will be using gold with their royal blue, and there's even the possibility that they'll bring back their powder uniforms as an alternate! This comes from email correspondence (not mine) with Jeffrey Flannagan, the author of the article below.

Will this signal a trend away from sleeveless jerseys and black?


Posted on Fri, Jul. 22, 2005

Royals about to pull plug on sleeveless uniforms for next season


We hear that those new-look Royals uniforms the club introduced for the 2002 season are about to go through another dramatic makeover.
In fact, Royals vice president of communications David Witty confirmed the team is strongly considering abandoning the sleeveless uniforms, both home and away, as well as cutting back on the amount of the color black that was introduced in 02.

We would like to get back to the more traditional look of the Royals, Witty said. We tried something a few years ago, and now we feel we just got away from the Royals tradition a bit and want to get back to it.

The other problem with the look was with the sleeveless uniforms, you had players wearing short-sleeve or long-sleeve undershirts with them, and it just didnt give a uniform look to the team.

There also have been whispers that the team was close to tossing out the black scheme altogether, and going with more gold.

I think well be cutting back on the black, but it will still be a part of the plan, Witty said. The new look we will have Im sure will be very popular with the fans. Its going to look a lot more like we used to look.