Marty was just on XM radio's "Baseball Beat" with Charlie Steiner.

The first topic was Adam Dunn:
Marty says the walks are nice, but he says Dunn is payed to drive in runs. His exact words were "to Hell with the walks." Marty says he wants Dunn to swing the bat with RISP and forget about the walks. He says if Dunn ever consistantly "gets it," out.

Marty really likes him. Says he's become the kind of pitcher that you are surprised if he has a bad outing. Throws a lot of first pitch strikes.


Marty will be shocked if Ortiz is back next season.

Kearns, Dunn, Pena:
Marty doesn't feel that any of the three will be moved during the season. He says the Reds want ML ready starting pitching, but nobody in a pennant race will be willing to give that up. He feels Wily Mo will be moved in the off season.

DanO's plan:
Marty isn't sure what it is. He says DanO "thinks" he has a plan. He then reeled off all of the questionable moves made before the season.

Loves him. Says he'll really help the Padres, and he enjoyed having him with the Reds.

Germano & Chick:
Marty knows nothing about them. He says he never listens to praise coming from his own front office. There's no way the Reds' FO will give a bad review about incoming prospects. However, he says he heard that other organizations had the two ranked highly. He thinks that's a good sign.

Narron & Miley:
The biggest difference between Narron & Miley is that Narron is a DanO guy. Miley was not. He also says Narron does a better job communicating with the players and has done a good job since taking over.

Further trades?:
He says there will probably be a lot of interest in Weathers and Merker. He doesn't want to see either of them go because he thinks it good to have them around the young arms in the pen. He also praised Rich Aurilia and said he could help a lot of teams. He mentioned the Cubs specifically.