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So going into tonite's game the Nationals had given up one more run than they had scored. However their W/L record is 50-32. Raisor? Say it ain't so? What about the Pyth Thm of BBall? Does this mean there is such a thing as timely hitting and timely run scoring? What about strikeouts? Does this mean a strikeout is NOT just another out? Oh Raisor....please.... say it ain't so !!
Only 3 teams in baseball history have won 100 games with less than +100 run differential. The Gnats are on pace to do it, it is unprecedented as +76 is the lowest run differential to win 100 games.

Why are the Gnats so far ahead of their pythag record?

Simple they are 22-7 in 1 run games. Why is that? Because Robby has used his bullpen perfectly. He has 4 very high quality relievers. They have pitched all the high leverage innings and the # of those innings distributed to the four goes in the order of their overall effectiveness.

All coutesy of BP.