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Just wondering, is there any kind of base-running stat?

Something along the lines of average number of bases advanced per on-base opportunity? Removing HRs since trotting around the bases isn't hard. Also BBs.

I realize its dependent on the hitters behind you, but I would think that eventually, better base runners would advance more bases than lesser base runners.
there's a bases aquired per plate appearance.
BPA--Bases per plate appearance. The formula is (TB+BB+HBP+SB-CS-GIDP)/(AB+BB+HBP+SF)

and here are the top ten reds under the age of 25
BPA                             BPA    
1    Eric Davis                 .688   
2    Kal Daniels                .602   
3    Frank Robinson             .601   
4    Adam Dunn                  .596   
5    Sam Crawford               .542   
6    Bobby Tolan                .540   
7    Sean Casey                 .528   
8    Edd Roush                  .524   
9    Vada Pinson                .524   
10   Austin Kearns              .516