That BP stuff on Davies is junk. His mechanics were overhauled once and it gave him 3-4 MPHs on his fastball and made his delivery much easier and freer. The better write up on Davies is in the top 100 list in BP on which Davies is ranked 47th.

As a Braves fan I'll give you a short write up on Davies. He throws a fastball around 93 MPH which he can spot. When he muscles up on it, he can hit 94 or 95. As he matures I expect his fastball will add an MPH or maybe even two. He throws a curveball which is decent. He had a good one tonight but I've seen it be pretty mediocre on other nights. But the thing that makes him special is his change up. It's nasty and will only get better. It comes in in the low 80's and at the same arm action as his fastball. As he matures, not only will his pitches improve, his use of them will improve also. He's a smart pitcher right now but he'll learn more as he matures. Davies is also a bulldog. He is a very competitive pitcher that will battle on the mound. The Braves love this about him. He projects as a top notch number 2 starter and perhaps more than that. The problem for the Reds is that Davies is likely untouchable. There really isn't a need great enough for the Braves to justify trading Davies.