Will you go to see Junior hit his way to the 550 & 600 homer milestones? The reason I ask, is based upon a thread on the other board started by M2. Basically mentioning the possibilities of trading/unloading the likes of Junior, Casey and Milton as they'll all more than likely pass thru waivers.

Certainly the 500 homer mark was something special, fans packed the park, and the countdown to 500 marker in center field was fun to watch as the days (and homers) past by. Assuming Junior can stay healthy, 550 should come sometime next summer, while 600 should come sometime the following year.

If the Reds hold onto him, will there be the same runup in attendance that we saw last year? I know the 600 homer mark will be special (as well as 700 should that ever come into play like we all thought it would). What about 550? I wonder if they have any countdown markers in plan. He's just shy of 525, a nice countdown from 525 to 550, then up to 600 may help draw a couple of folks into GABP.

I liked the way that San Fran did it, putting up everyone else's homer totals, while counting down as Barry passed them by. Junior is in some rare air right now, and assuming health, perhaps a large assumption, should be by passing some of the legends of the game every month or so. It will be interesting to see how the organization handles this opportunity to draw fans into the stadium. Of course if this organization would draw the most fans if it ever put a winning ball club on the field, but that sadly seems to be several years away, if ever.