I turned on the radio at 6:05 this am. I never listen to the radio in the morning, kind of odd I decided to turn it on.

Anyway, just as I turned it on, the talking head (wasn’t Jim Scott this am) started talking about Tony Perez bobblehead night and a little boy at the game named Antonio Perez. So I decided to listen.

Seems young Antonio is the 6 year old grandson of the man who had a heart attack (and later died).

When security realized there were no other family members there with Antonio (and wanting to shield him from what was going on with his grandfather), they took him to the bullpen and Tom Hume kept him busy.

Then Jr got wind of what was going on.

Jr told Tom that he wanted Antonio in the clubhouse after the game. So Tom took him there.

They said that all the guys were great with the little guy. They gave him bats and balls and other stuff and Felipe even signed the batting helmet he wore in the All Star game and gave it to him.

But I guess Jr was the one who really took care of him until family could get there and take him home.

Poor little guy, had to endure such trauma. But huge kudo’s to Jr and the Reds for looking after him.