As GIK and I said in our initial post on the matter, the reputation scoring system would likely requiring some tweaking once we saw the system in action. True to our word, we have instituted the following changes, effective immediately:

  • For every 150 reputation points a member has accumulated, they receive 1 power point. This value has been increased from the previous value of 100 to ensure that no single user's reputation power becomes too much. Thus, this will change the amount of reputation power almost everyone (with the ability) has, but it should NOT retroactively affect reputation left in the past - only reputation left from here on out.
  • Users with the ability to give out reputation to other users are now allotted two daily reputation clicks. This is down from five daily clicks. This is purposely set low to encourage the user leaving reputation to put some degree of thought into whether or not a given post truly deserves positive or negative reputation. Please keep in mind what the reputation system is designed for when you leave it for others.
  • Finally, to prevent reputation inflation, a user with the ability to leave reputation must spread reputation to 15 unique users before he or she can leave reputation for the same user again. This number of unique users remains the same - I just want to clarify what that level is.
Additionally, I have updated the defacto reputation system FAQ, now viewable to ALL users (registered or not) under The Old Red Guard description, with a list of these changes. If you have any additional questions about the system, that thread is a great place to start. You may use this thread to discuss these changes to the reputation system, but besides that, all reputation-related discussion/questions must be handled privately with an administrator or moderator.