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Meanwhile, chili and I had a Sox fan buy us a round after Boston swept the Reds in June. Got into a number of cool baseball discussions about the Reds as well (including a number of Sox fans asking if the Reds would be kind enough to deal Adam Dunn to Boston).
A Sox sweep helped that magnamity I would imagine.

I've had lots of good conversations at Cinergy/GABP with knowledgeable Braves fans, Cardinal fans, Marlins fans, Cleveland fans, and more that I'm forgetting. And actually, some Cubs fans a ways back. But not Cubs fans lately.

Maybe it's just me, but there is a certain decorum one adheres to when at a foreign field, be it baseball, football, hoops, etc. You stand up and cheer for your guys, whoop it up when sonething good happens for your team, and generally behave as a good fan. Most places tolerate that kind of stuff from the opposition (well, maybe not Philly and also I had a bad experience at Candlestick). When foreign fans come to Cincinnati and holler for their team within the boundaries of general decorum, I don't mind it. Well, at least I tolerate it.

When I go to other parks, I try to a.) be a Reds fan and b.) generally behave myself.

Holding up signs disparaging the opponent, calling out their fans, acting like a general dickweed, and loud barking and woofing will increase your odds of ill-will, i.e. finding out *really* fast that you are outnumbered, your buddies have disappeared, and you are backed up against a wall.