The old RedsZone picture system that we had in place was to have the user email his or her pictures to me if the user wanted them posted in this forum. As a result, the user could not start the picture thread - I was the one who did that. I have now designed a new system that allows a user to start a new thread (with their user name as the title) and include an attachment(s) with the pictures. The only caveat to this is that all new threads must be approved by an administrator or moderator before they actually appear on the board. The way it works is that you make a post and it is automatically sent to us for approval. If it is approved, it will immediately appear in this forum. The reasoning for this is simple: to ensure that nothing obscene is attached. This only applies to new threads; replying to a thread with your comments does not require moderator approval.

My only request is that you keep the pictures reasonably sized; for example, most digital cameras, by default, take MUCH higher resolution pictures than is required for viewing over the web. In situations like this, I'd appreciate if you'd resize them down to a more reasonable size before posting. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.