Last night, perhaps against my better judgment, I broke out the plastic and purchased tickets for a trip to Australia for me and my girlfriend in October. She has a sister studying in Melbourne this semester, but whatever...any excuse to travel, right?

Anyway, we'll be flying into Sydney and staying there four nights before flying up to Cairns for 4 days, then to Melbourne for 4 days before flying back to Sydney and finally back to the U.S. We're planning on doing the major tourist stops, of course: Sydney Harbour, Bondi Beach, the Great Barrier Reef, etc. But beyond that, all we have are guidebooks to point us in the direction of places to see/go.

So, I'm open to any tips/ideas anyone may have who has been to these places and feel comfortable making recommendations. Food, hotels, museums, beaches, parks...etc. Anything like that, I'm looking for ideas/suggestions.

So...thanks in advance. Now, I need to get back to work so that I can pay off these tickets.