Hole-in-one sailed over two time zones

A Norwegian golfer playing on a course in Sweden managed to nail a hole-in-one that landed in Finland. That must set some sort of Nordic record.A Norwegian golfer landed a hole-in-one he won't soon forget.

PHOTO: SVEND OLE KVILESJŲ (illustration photo)

Odd Marthinussen from the Harstad Golf Club in northern Norway was on holiday with his wife Turid earlier this week in Haparanda, Sweden. It was while playing on a local course that the improbable occurred.

Marthinussen teed off from the 14th hole (par 3, 115 meters) and his ball ended up soaring over the border, which cuts across the green. It took four seconds for the ball to land on the green and roll right into the cup.

But since the 14th's hole is technically in Finland, it's also in a time zone one hour ahead of Sweden's. That meant it actually took one hour and four seconds before Marthinussen's drive plopped into the cup.

Marthinussen said he has played golf for eight years but this was his first hole-in-one. It was duly registered in both countries.